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How To Prioritize Your Fitness Goals As A Busy Working Mom

Do you prioritize your life as a busy working mom over your fitness goals?⁣ You put everyone and everything ahead of your own needs, and you end up feeling lost with your own health goals.⁣ If this is you, you most likely need a scheduled appointment for anything to get accomplished.⁣ Trust me, I get it. I work with people, just like you! ⁣ It’s hard for you to prioritize yourself. You have great intentions, but your goals always get pushed to the side.⁣ Let me be that accountability for you so that your goals can finally get some momentum. ⁣ Contact me to schedule your slot in the at the NYC Jump 2 Burn class or get my 30 day getting started guide. ⁣ Most times we know what to do but it's the accountability that helps you get from thinking about it to taking action. ⁣ In the video, I am doing 1000 jump ropes with a 1/2 lbs weighted rope. ⁣

It only takes about 10-15 minutes and I burn more calories in less time. ⁣ Be sure to try it out 😁⁣

Till Next Time

Bernadette Henry


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