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Reduce belly fat and body fat with HIIT

Want to know the BEST style of training to strictly target fat loss?

When it comes to getting lean and losing fat you need to work with the hormones that release stored body fat. It's not just calories in and calories out that burns fat.

Circuit training/HIIT is the best type of exercise for targeting stubborn body fat. It’s fast, it’s intense, but it works and in a short amount of time! HIIT stimulates catecholamines which in turn dumps fatty acids into your blood stream to be used as fuel. AKA- burning fat. BUT most people don't truly understand the level of intensity needed during HIIT to stimulate these hormones. YOU GOTTA PUSH YOURSELF!!

Try this circuit: Jump squats

Jump lunges

Mountain climbers


(If you want to substitute any of the exercises, jump rope)

Do 12 reps of each, back to back, rest 2 mins and repeat for 4 rounds total

This is a great way to get an effective fat burning workout with no equipment needed. Great to use at home, while you’re travelling or on vacation.

Try it out and let me know how it went in the comment section.


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